Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scouts ’74-’75 Media Guide

I finally scored a 74-75 media guide/yearbook on eBay recently. They rarely show up, and the ones that Ive seen have gone for ridiculous amounts ($30+), but I managed to get mine for $6. Im glad I didn't overpay for it, because theres not a lot to it. The Scouts had of course not yet played a game when the guide was put out, so there was not much to write about and no action photographs. (The photos in the 75-76 guide a make it a much more interesting artifact.)

The guide is mostly made up of head shots of front office staff and players, along with brief bios. A couple of highlights are the below letter from Scouts owner/president Edwin Thompson and his bio page.

And for whatever its worth, I learned that the Scouts Port Huron, Michigan training camps took place at The McMorran Arena, which is in use today as the home of the CHL Port Huron Hawks.

Not an especially exciting piece of Scouts history, but there is not exactly a wealth of Scouts relics to choose from. Just dont pay too much for it.


burlivespipe said...

What ever happened to ol' Edwin, anyways?

Aaron said...

Hi Burl - Not sure, other than in 2007 Joe Posnanski tracked him down for an article on the Scouts, and wrote that he was living in the Phoenix area.

You can read the full article here: