Monday, November 30, 2009

8,218: Scouts Final Attendance Numbers

1974-75 season: 8,529 (64% of league average (13,224))
1975-76 season: 7,907 (63% of league average (12,644))

Overall average: 8,218 (64% of league average (12,934))

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Best Scouts Photo

Scouts action photos are few and far between, at least in comparison to the media overload that were accustomed to now. (Although somewhere in a Kansas City Star storage room there has to be a treasure trove of shots...) So coming across this beauty recently was a treat:

The Bruin in the middle is of course Bobby Orr. Peter McDuffe is recognizable as the Scouts goalie, which means the picture had to have been taken on October 27, 1974. McDuffe was with the Scouts for the duration of the ’74-’75 season only, and the Scouts played in Boston just twice that year. In the other game, Denis Herron manned the Scouts net (pulling off an unlikely 3-2 win). The October 27th game from the picture was just the eighth Scouts regular season game, and came at the end of the eight-game road trip to kick off the franchise, meaning they still hadn’t played a home game or enjoyed a win. The exhausted Scouts lost that night 2-8, and finally got to head to Kansas City afterwards. The two Scouts defensemen pictured are Mike Baumgartner (on the left) and Jim McElmury. The two Minnesotans have the unenviable task of trying to contain Orrs Bruins. The puck denting the twine tells the story of how that worked out.