Sunday, October 4, 2009

Isles vs. Kings Quick Hits VI

• Want to see the difference between crude and nuanced sports reporting? Compare and contrast Stan Fischler's take on the KC preseason game with Dominik's on Lighthouse Hockey:
Fischler: "With Kansas City proving itself a bust – a half-empty arena for an NHL exhibition – as a future NHL city, other towns must be considered."

Dominik: "
Attending the preseason game in Kansas City was quite fun, opened my eyes to a few things, and cemented my impression that gauging a marginal market's readiness for pro hockey by counting its skeptical fanbase's attendance at a meaningless preseason game between two distant teams is, simply, fool's play...I thought just under 10,000 on a Tuesday night was hardly "a miserable failure." That's not to say I think K.C. should have a team -- just that if you're arguing against it, there are far better reasons than an exhibition game."
Be sure to check out Dominik's full post on his experience.

• Charles Wang's October 3rd deadline for a definite answer on his Lighthouse Project has come and gone with nothing decided. As promised, he says he'll be "exploring all options" now, meaning he will at least listen to anyone interested in buying or relocating the team.

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Jeff said...

Not to mention that it was beautiful weather outside that night and the Boston Red Sox were in town hoping to clinch the AL Wild Card. So with that going on at The K, to get nearly 10,000 people to sit inside and watch a meaningless hockey game is hardly a failure.