Friday, January 30, 2009

Scouts Attendance For First Half of 1974-75

I've managed to make my way through the Kansas City Times and Star sports pages for the first half of the 1974-75 season. One of the things I'm interested in learning is the attendance for home Scouts games. (If anyone knows of a resource that has historical attendance numbers, I'd love to know.) There's no doubt that the Scouts drew poorly, but I'm interested in just how poorly, and if there were any trends. As I posted before, the Star reported that Scouts owner/president Ed Thompson was worried about attendance just six home games into the franchise's existence. Many years later, Thompson would tell Joe Posnanski that he knew the Scouts were doomed by their second home game, presumably because attendance dipped from 14,758 for the home opener to 6,642 for game two. (Kind of pathetic if Thompson was ready to throw in the towel that easily though, isn't it?) There are four home games from the first half that I don't have attendance numbers for because the library is missing some roles of microfilm. For the 17 games I do have, the average was 8,431 (8,035 if you throw out the anomalous opener). By any standard, that is not good. I wish I could find attendance numbers for the whole league in '74-'75 to give some context. I can tell you that on the road during the same time span, the Scouts played before an average crowd of 12,856. Overall attendance was lower at that time than it is now, so 8,431 may not be quite as bad as it looks today. (The Islanders are currently drawing the fewest fans in the league, with 13,679 per game.) As you can see in my chart below, there was a slight uptick for the last five home games of the first half. It will be interesting to see what happens in the second half.

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Anonymous said...

Aside from the Scouts, I remember that at a KC minor league game in the 70's there was a promotion to set the attendance record for largest minor league game attendance ever, and they got over 14,000 at Kemper, which did set the new record. I don't know if that still stands or not.
Now, for the NHL team to come (I say we hold out for the Montreal Canadiens to make the move here), we just need to have a "Set a New Attendance Record" promotional event at each home game.
Mark in KC