Tuesday, January 6, 2009

At Least They Owned The Caps And Seals...

As you can see below in my chart of team-by-team results for both years of their existence, the Scouts had success when they met up with the Washington Capitals or California Golden Seals. If they had to play one of the other 15 teams in the league, things didn't go so well.

They got at least one point off of every team, but never a W against Buffalo, Philadelphia or Atlanta in 28 combined attempts.

The fact that they beat up on the Capitals does reflect well on the Scouts, as the Caps were the only team that the Scouts were really on an even playing field with. GM Sid Abel and his staff were able to squeeze considerably more talent out of the nearly barren expansion draft than their counterparts in Washington.

If you think the .241 overall points percentage is bad, consider that it was .194 against all opponents other than the Capitals and Seals.

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