Sunday, January 18, 2009

Newsday Freaking Out

Well, there's plenty of buzz about the Islanders vs. Kings preseason game on Long Island, at least from Long Island's Newsday newspaper. Isles owner Charles Wang wanted to scare the community about the potential relocation of the Islanders. Looks like he has succeeded.

More links than you need, all from

News of preseason game in KC worries Isles fans

Keep Isles with their namesake

Give Wang, Islanders credit for making bold threat

KC has the arena, but no major sports team
(I notice Paul McGannon scales the rhetoric back when talking to Newsday: "We're not looking to take anybody's team.")

Isles game in KC doesn't phase Hempstead's Murray

Plus, here's some talk from New York sports radio.

Perhaps if all of this speculation keeps up through September, there will be buzz in Kansas City too and fans will come out to try and make a statement that we want a team.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm..., not sure how I feel about the Islanders coming here to KC. They have good, loyal fans who deserve having their team stay put. I think in some ways that Kansas City's new arena is the best thing to happen for a lot of teams because they can use it for leverage to get their own new arena built. KC will probably continue to get used as they were by Pittsburgh (who had NO intention of coming here) until a franchise (Phoenix) moves here simply because the luxury suites and corporate support exist. The quality of the arena and number of fans is probably not an issue compared to that.
Mark in KC