Monday, May 14, 2012

Seven Second Video Of The Scouts Not Playing Hockey

Footage of the Scouts is hard to come by. The only video I'd ever seen is from a video on YouTube showing some clips of the North Stars manhandling the Scouts (around 4:00-7:00). We can now add to that seven more seconds from this video (0:54-1:01). Wilf Paiement is shown fighting Grant Mulvey of the Black Hawks in Kemper Arena, and then we see Dave Hudson leaning on his stick, assumedly waiting to start playing again while the aftermath of the fight is cleared up. I'm pretty sure the footage comes from January 18, 1975, during a rare Scouts victory.


rockfish said...

That's Pit Martin -- one player who was part of the most famous/lopsided trades of the 1960s (Esposito, Hodge and Stanfield for Martin, Norris and Marotte)... Now with Seattle getting closer to getting a rink, does that put KC's NHL dream further down the pike? Where art thou, AHL ?

Aaron Stilley said...

I'd say Seattle probably bumps KC's chances back from 1% to .9%. Where is the AHL, indeed. I can't understand why that has no traction whatsoever. Seems like a match made in heaven.