Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scouts Concepts, Potential Names

That there is a Scouts concept jersey from yours truly (based on an old Bruins design). Im a geek for the design aspect of sports. One of my favorite websites is Uni Watch, which obsesses over sports uniform minutiae. A couple of other good websites specific to hockey are Icethetics and PuckDrawn.
Scouts concepts have shown up quite a few times on Icethetics. PuckDrawn has a funny Islanders/Scouts logo mash-up. (PuckDrawn has plans for a series of concepts called Totally Reebok in which theyll imagine what jerseys would look like today for various teams of the past, including the Scouts. Ill point you that way when its posted.)

All of which is good fun, but there
s zero chance that a new NHL team in KC would be called the Scouts. It might be more interesting to hear ideas for potential team names and see ideas for logos and jerseys. My preference would be a name that would carry on the tradition of royalty/leadership related names (Monarchs, Royals, Chiefs, Kings, Scouts), but I dont know exactly what. Presidents maybe? Emperors? Or bringing back the Monarchs name? There is an AHL Monarchs, so that might not be a possibility. Im not sure how Id feel about using that namethe Negro league baseball Monarchs have such an amazing story and history that the name is almost sacrosanct to me.

’s just frivolous fun, and of course wildly premature, but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

I like the name "Monarchs", also. So many bad names being given to teams lately; the Predators? Come on. The Thrashers? Blech.
Could also work some old west angle for a KC team name, but nothing comes to mind yet.
Mark in KC