Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Pitch Calls Out McGannon

So the enthusiasm I displayed in my last post about Paul McGannons claim that there are 100 Kansas Citians just waiting to buy an NHL team is a little embarrassing. I didnt really take it at face valueI think it just made me hope that there could be some rich dudes in KC at least discussing or considering such a thing.

Pitch reporter David Martin picked up on McGannons claim, and asked the pertinent question: Who the hell is McGannon talking about? He asked McGannon, and McGannon was happy to talk about the Kings-Islanders game coming up. From Martins piece:

But what about the company founders and CEOs who seemed (in McGannons telling to an out-of-town newspaper) to be chomping at the bit to capture an NHL franchise?

I dont know if theyre chomping at the bit, McGannon says. Theyre waiting for further information on what opportunity would be available at the appropriate time, which weve been told is not now.

There is a lot of passion for the NHL in the civic community, McGannon adds. But they dont want to reveal themselves.

Curious that these enthusiastic hockey supporters want to stay anonymous. Seems if someone was actually interested in helping to bring a team here, theyd be front and center waving money around, dont you think? Or submitting a bid on the Coyotes?

s hard to know what to make of Paul McGannon. I dont doubt that his heart is in the right place, and that he truly is passionate about bringing a team here. But it seems one of his strategies is to say anything and everything to get attention for KC, truth be damned. My guess is that hes highly optimistic and a dreamer. And theres not necessarily anything wrong with thatit might be just what will be necessary if were ever to gain an NHL franchise.

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