Monday, May 18, 2009

Winnipeg At The Top Of Bettman's List?

According to this story, Gary Bettman wrote in an email that "if (the Coyotes) had to move, it should first be offered to Winnipeg."


TheSmokinPun said...

If it were between us and Winnipeg for the 'Yotes, I'm actually gonna have to go with Winnipeg getting them. The city they started in, were in for 24 years, a city that loved em regardless if they won or not.

I don't care if they say the arena isn't big enough. You got 20,000 seat arenas in some cities that don't deserve a team, yet will only fill them to about 5k a game. Winnipeg would be there every game, they would sell out and White Out that place so fast.

When it comes to this team, we aren't the right answer, neither is Hamilton. They belong in Winnipeg.

Rob and Jenny said...

Aaron, the link doesn't work for me.

Aaron said...

Thanks for the heads up - link should be correct now.