Friday, May 8, 2009

Preseason Game To Be Played On A Tuesday

The preseason tilt between the Kings and Islanders at the Sprint Center will be played on Tuesday, September 22nd this fall. This is bad news. I was already expecting a lackluster turnout due to the lackluster match-up, and wrote in January that "It’s going to be important to attendance for the game to be on a Friday or Saturday." Uh-oh.

The 22nd is the exact date last year's preseason game was played (which fell on a Monday). Blues fans seemed to make up a significant portion of the 11,603 in attendance that night. Something tells me Islanders fans won't be making the trip to KC to boost the attendance. If I'm AEG, I'm setting ticket prices at bargain levels for this game in the hopes of avoiding a completely embarrassing turnout.

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