Monday, September 6, 2010

"City of Various Pro Levels"

Teebz at Hockey Blog In Canada has a post up about pro hockey's history in KC from the Scouts to the Outlaws.


Michael P said...

A propos of nothing, what do you think of this for a name of a KC NHL team: "The Kansas City Czars"

Fits in with the royalty theme (Chiefs, Royals, Kings) and reflects on cold, icy russia and its contribution to pro-hockey.

Aaron Stilley said...

Thanks for checking in Michael! I personally like Czars a lot. Carrying on the royalty theme would be my first choice. In another post, I threw Presidents, Emperors, and Monarchs out there:

Do you think the association between Czars and communist Russia would turn people off the name?

Michael P said...


I think revivintg the Monarchs name would be pretty cool, too. As for the "Czars," I could potentially see the name turning off a few, but we hear that word all the time now with "drug czar," "immigration czar," etc., that I don't think it would be a liability. Also, the czars (russian royalty) were technically run out by the communists, so the name would, in a sense, be anti-communist. Hope KC gets a team so we have a chance to argue about names for real some time!

Aaron Stilley said...

Oh, man, feeling pretty dumb for confusing Russian czars with communist Russia!

I think Czars would be an awesome name. Can't think of anything I'd prefer actually.

Would be great if this discussion could be for an actual team, I agree. Not looking too likely anytime soon unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

If the NHL does return to KC I'd like to see the name be the Scouts.Their uniforms were cool.