Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eddie Bush of Your 1938-39 Kansas City Greyhounds

All my best stuff is stolen from Puck Daddy or Uni Watch...

This gem comes from a link on Uni Watch. Jake Doyle has posted photos from a scrapbook that features all sorts of great hockey coverage and photos from 1938-39. I couldn't believe my eyes when I came across a shot of Scouts coach Eddie Bush in a Kansas City Greyhounds uniform. I knew Bush had played briefly for the Greyhounds, but wouldn't have expected to see a photo from his 25 game stint in KC 81 years ago.
The Greyhounds were the American Hockey Association affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings. Bush had a long and winding minor league career, and two cups of coffee with the Red Wings, including eight games in 1938-39, probably soon after this photo was taken. He was back for 18 regular season games with the Red Wings in 1941-42, plus an eleven game run in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Wings lost in the seventh game of the finals to Toronto. Bush, a defenseman, scored 7 points in his eleven playoff games, good for fourth best on the Red Wings. Scouts GM Sid Abel was Bush's teammate in Detroit, which probably was the basis for a relationship that led to Abel choosing Bush as the Scouts new coach after Bep Guidolin stepped down in January, 1976. It turned out to be Bush's only shot at coaching in the NHL after the Scouts went a woeful 1-23-8 after his hiring.

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