Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don Cherry: Kansas City is a Graveyard For Hockey

Crazy Don Cherry chimes in on where he feels the NHL should expand/relocate on the March 20th broadcast of Hockey Night In Canada. Hint: Not KC. (Cherry was coach of the Bruins in the mid-'70s, so he came to Kemper a few times to meet the Scouts.)


burlivespipe said...

Ignore Cherry, a lot of people up here recognize him as hockey's Glenn Beck; Of course you've seen the Hockey News article that mentions KC as one of the likely targets for latest relocation talk?
What i find interesting is, that besides Hamilton, KC is the only one mentioned that truly is rink-ready.
Winnipeg requires some work, Seattle has no arena and (not mentioned but regularly rumoured) Quebec City and Hartford need rinks, too.
The only other venue-ready cities i can think that could seriously give it a try would be Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Houston.
At some point the NHL owners are going to realize that there's no pot of gold under Bettman's rainbow, and that the values of their franchises are heading south when hockey has to move north.

Aaron said...

Thanks for the note.

I don't take Cherry too seriously, but figured I'd pass on the video anyway.

I did see that article, been meaning to link to it here. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me to say that a new 2-year agreement has been reached for Nashville...but KC is pushing hard.

Anonymous said...

I didn't understand the lack of a transition from talking about KC to talking about the South, but I realized later he must classify KC as the "South", which doesn't make any sense to those of us in KC.

Aaron said...

Making sense is not Cherry's strong suit.