Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wang Exploring All Options...In The New York Area

Things sure have been quiet on the Islanders front ever since owner Charles Wang claimed he'd be "exploring all options" as of October 3rd. Chris Botta of the Islanders Point Blank blog has an informative post today however. The pertinent quote:

"Although Wang is flattered by the interest from other communities, he has little desire to move the team away from Nassau County — so much so that he has yet to rigorously pursue his options.

And finally, know this:

Brooklyn is very much in play.

Queens is very much in play, although it’s a close second to Brooklyn now.

Suffolk is not a serious option.

The Islanders will not leave the New York metropolitan area during this generation or the next one."

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Goon Squad said...

The idiots in charge of Long Island need to help this man build the Light House Project!
It will only bring good things to a community that is in need of exactly that.