Saturday, September 19, 2009

Islanders vs. Kings Game Preview

New York Islanders vs. Los Angeles Kings
Tuesday, September 22, 2009 7:00
Sprint Center • Kansas City, Missouri

I can’t speak for the rest of the city, but I’m excited for what I believe will be the 87th NHL game played in Kansas City. The first 86 were made up of two Scouts preseason games, 80 Scouts regular season games, and four preseason games between 19982008. The Blues played in all four of the recent preseason games, which means Tuesday’s game will be the first played in Kansas City to not feature a team from Missouri. To make up for the lack of a regional team, I think AEG was banking on the Islanders appearance generating a buzz in KC. As far as I can tell, that hasn't happened. I think KC fans understand the Islanders are not on the brink of moving here, and that we’re being used as a bargaining ploy again. Not exactly inspiring stuff.

In spite of all the nonsense surrounding the game, I’ll just be soaking up the game itself, enjoying the unbeatable atmosphere of a live NHL game taking place in my home town.

The Sprint Center has cooked up this ad for the game. The Kings have posted an interview with assistant coach Jamie Kompon about the two Kings games in Kansas City. It sounds almost like an AEG promo for the Sprint Center:

John Tavares Watch: The much heralded Islanders rookie made his NHL debut on September 16th in Edmonton, but has sat out three of the Islanders first four preseason games. That means we’ll be seeing either his second or third game. He didn’t get a point in his first game, so perhaps KC fans will be treated to his first NHL point.

That’s all assuming he’ll play Tuesday night - something I fully expect, but I’ll breathe easier once he’s officially announced.

Here’s some video of Tavares in Islanders training camp:

And here is a rather ridiculous post from Newsday insinuating that the game has sold out. Don't think so - I still get tickets available on the 22nd row of the lower level.


Dominik said...

Haven't seen anything official yet, but I'm worried Tavares won't be there. They were reportedly splitting the squad's departure from Saskatoon (half to NY, half to KC) since they have a game the following night on Long Island, and now Cablevision/MSG+/Dolan Empire is billing that game as a Tavares extravaganza.

Dominik said...

(Whoops. Sorry, posted that before scrolling up the page to see you already had the news. What nonsense.)